Meet the Team

Holly (me) & Skye – Club Captain


Emma & Jack – Vice Captain

photo - CopyJack - TinsleJack

Emma is my Vice Captain when I can’t be at a show.  She runs Jack, the most neurotic of the team! Doesn’t sit still and is also a flyball obsessive!

Anne & Hectar

 Four Paws racing 013 TAS_5202

Anne and Hectar have come a long way since first starting to Flyball. They were part of the race team that came third in our first show. The baby of our team, not even reaching the 7in racing height.

Claire & Ellie

Four Paws racing 014 TAS_5288 TAS_0344

Claire and Ellie have been with us since the beginning and the change in Ellie recently has been phenomenal! We are all exceptionally proud of both off them and the progress they have made.

Andrea & Benny

TAS_0341 TAS_0289

Look at this photographic pair!! Lovely pics guys. Benny is probably one of the fastest dogs I have seen. However, trying to harness some of that energy into focusing can be hard work for poor Benny. However, he is one of our Batersea rescues and he really is a fabulous character and Andrea has done wonders with bringing him out of his shell.

Rich & Molly

TAS_0347 TAS_0213

Latest addition to my family, THE BRAT!!! AKA the terrorist as she is known at home! Rich has decided he is going to run Mols. Naughty is an understatement. However, when she doesn’t see me she is a really good girl and her flyball is coming on a treat.

Tracey & Amber

photo 2photo 1 - Copy (3)

Jackie & Whizzer

photo 3Whizzer

This is the little baby of the group. He is such a little sweetheart and when he gets going this little man FLIES down the lane :-) We love having him and his sister Dazzle who is a huge Great Dane (though she doesn’t do flyball)

Scooby & Sue

Another fab collie to add to our little team. Scoobs has picked this up super quick and is now running in one of our race teams. We are exceptionally proud of how quickly he has come on. Well done Scooby & Sue

Rosie & Cassie

Sister to Eric, Cassie is a beautiful collie who does everything she is supposed to. A bit more drive needed and we will get s fab flyball dog. Both a delight to have in the club.

Jacquie & George

11002701_927983647260775_1601941135027684338_o 11062717_938148209577652_1793828246822532306_o

Now forget George being a flyball obsessive, his mummy absolutely loves it. With her enthusiasm mixed with Georges’ they have flown through the lessons and run beautifully in one of our teams now

Shona & Lottie


Little Lottie, well after a fairly difficult start with refusing to come back, Lottie has finally realised the addiction of the race and has suddenly turned a corner and is now coming back and running amazingly.

Mich & Moosh

10441107_10154010645409460_3836865564390815013_n 11156122_10154009893834460_1256028879837197948_n10405508_10154009893629460_2264455897900633251_n

So one of THREE of our staffy x Labs Moosh is the shaggiest of the lot. He is seriously fast when he doesn’t think about which ball he is going to pick up. In fact running quicker than some of our collies. He size belies his speed.

Karen & Spot


Second of our Staffy crosses. Spot has an amazing variety of looks that he manages to give. He has an expression for everything he is feeling. He is most definitely not impressed when we dop not put HIS ball on the floor for him. Funny creature.

Sarah & Mara

Mara is the third of our staffy crosses and is new to our club, having only done a couple of lessons. Mara is gaining confidence every week and is starting to let go and enjoy herself now :-)

Jenny & Mable

Mable has been one of the more challenging puppies we have had. She can get quite anxious and nervous around other dogs. However, Jenny has done amazing work with her doing agility, dancing to music and flyball. She is a rescue from Battersea and has fallen on her feet. When running she is super super quick and hopefully, in time, we can add her into one of the teams

Di & Eric


Mr Eric is the royalty of the team. Mr ‘i won the working trials at crufts’. He is beautiful (i WILL have one of his puppies in the next few years) and as per normal collie standards has flown through everything. Apart from that Di brings me much amusement when we are training!!

Maria & Lily


Another little rescue, collie cross. Maria and Lily have great dedication and enthusiasm for the sport. They are doing fabulously well and are running well in one of our teams as well :-)

Anne & Jessie

Very much still a baby and only recently joined. Jessie is a beautiful collie is fast and agile. With a bit more time and training I expect these two to fly down the lane in competition.