Julius aka Benji Mk2


Hi All,

So i am being a very naughty boy at the moment. For some reason i have taken to barking at men who tell their dogs off. The other day i was playing in the river at Chertsey Meads and another dog came over to play.  The man told him off and so i went over and had a pop. This caused a huge argument between mummy and the other man. Mummy says i am a bad boy to keep doing that so she has put a citronella collar on me as i am frightening people a little bit with my incessant barking :-(. I only want to tell people off, i won’t do anything, but other people see it differently.

However, on the good news front i have had a whale of a time digging HOLES in aunty Holly’s garden. THREE yesterday check out my skills. Though she wasn’t happy with me at all! HAHAHA cheeky monkey and all. So Uncle Richard fills the holes in and then Molly and me god nad pull them up again. It’s a great game. i been threatened to be banned from the garden as well. BUT i did attempt flyball the other day and although i have no interest what so ever in the ball i have had a great time running up and down the jumps. This was at Hyde Park where Aunty Holly did a charity event and ran the flyball bit. i had great fun and there are some lully pics of me! i am sooooo handsome. Yeah check out that beautifooool face of mine :-) No wonder mummy loves me so much(bar when she puts that horrible collar on me :-()


Ciao Ciao for now!

Ps i have exciting news next week so stay tuneeeeed xx


Hi all, I have had a request from Sara to update. I am sorry, so here you go Sara just for you :-)

My nickname is now Benjaroo, because I is a very naughty boy. BUTTTTTT i love it. My mummy can’t live without me now, when i stay with Aunty Holly she phones noon and night to make sure i is behaving and because she wants to tell me she loves me and misses me.

I do have issues now with FLOORING!! Yes can you believe it Aunty Holly and Mummy have had wood flooring put down and i am slowly learning to ice-skate!!!! Skye just flies down it and Aunty shouts at her. i think because she scratches the floor. HAHA see i is not as naughty as her :-) BUT i did destroy Aunty Holly’s kitchen and living room yesterday. She did get quite angry with all of us. Though she knew it its was me and Molly Moo. I tell you she makes me do it. We even dug a big hole in the back garden together. Aunty wasn’t very happy with that either. I had fun though. Molly just runs around with a i don’t care attitude, but i do try and be a bit good.

Mummy takes me to Aunty Holly’s in the morning before she goes to work and Aunty is still in bed. Guess what i do :-) mwahhahahah i JUMP on her and give her big snogs. She loves it though as we then have big cuddles :-) She says she loves cuddling me.

Yesterday a police officer was in the street and he saw us all in the garden. He came over and gave us all a stroke and cuddle. I is not so afraid of men now. In fact i LOVE Uncle Richard. I always jump in his car when i see me. I have developed one very naughty habit and that is chasing Aunty Holly’s ponies. Kimmi the big pony hates it, but Wispa the tiny weeny one runs around with me. I’m not sure i should be scared or play.

OOOH have to say i went to my first agility show and watched Jack compete. I had so much fun running around chasing balls and OMG meeting hundreds of dogs. Most of them were lovely. I made loads of new friends, and a couple of new fluffy poodle thingys. Not sure what they are but they like playing with me :-). Aunty even taught me to do a few jumps the other day, but it is much more fun chewing Molly Moo’s ear and chasing Jack around.

Aunty says we are trying to foster another one from Romania just like me so i can have a bruvver. She says he looks  just like me, and Mummy can’t wait as she is so pleased with me. If we get on then Mummy says he can stay furevvvvver. Aunty is just trying to sort it at the moment. i can’t wait as it means i get to speak Romanian to him as well. Though my English is coming along well. Sit, wait and down are coming along well :-).

I is off to make mud in the rain, dig up the garden, chew the shoes (oh yeah i chewed one of mummy’s shoes, my toys are too precious to destroy)  and basically be BAD boy. I love it, i is good at it and then giving the ‘im so dam cute’ look when the hoomans get annoyed. Then they just cuddle me. Oh yeah, i is learning the system woof woof woof woof wooof.


Aunty took me to the beach and i absolutely love it. All four of us ran in and out of the sea and had a ball.

Here are some pics she took :-)

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sony 1959 (learning to chew bone)sony 1947 (at work)

HIIIIIIIIII! I am doing so well. I have a constant grin on my face and bound around with endless energy. I spend my time between Mummy and Aunty and most of that is spent on the bed (naughty buy Aunty says) WOL. :-) I went and did some life skills training last week and I learnt sit, down and on my bed. I am a smart cookie and learnt it all very quickly.  On Sunday Aunty took my to flyball and I actually managed to run up and down the line of jumps. Only problem I had was that I am not very good at playing so a ball or tuggy doesn’t really mean a lot to me. We are working on that though. Also I have done lots of running so I have managed to lose a bit of weight and looking really good, my waist line is coming . I love playing with Jack Jack and I sometimes nip his heels, which does upset him a bit, but I find it very funny woof woof woof :-).

Speak Soon

Love Benj xxx


Afternoon everyone. Thought that I would give you an update to my progress. I is one happy happy bunny. I went with Aunty to the stables and I have so much more confidence now. I def like Kimmi and will sit next to her, though I am still very frightened of the other horseys. I went for a walk with Molly, Skye and Aunty was riding Kimmi. We went for  long ride around the gallop track and I was a good boy. Trotted behind the whole way, and even managed to keep up when we all had a little canter. Was very tired afterwards though. Always enough energy to ask for more cuddles though. Afterwards I stayed at Aunty Holly’s and I had a lovely time playing with Molly the naughty spaniel. (Aunty calls her the terrorist because she never settles or behaves herself!) I got on the bed and had a nice cuddle with Aunty and Uncle Rich. I think they really love me. Though I did have a small hissy fit when Aunty asked me to sleep on the floor and not on the bed. Aunty says there isn’t enough room for all four dogs, Jasper the kitty cat and Aunty and Uncle. So she says we are all banned from the bed to make it fair. I was most upset though. I did get a nice rib bone for dinner though. Wasn’t quite sure how to eat it so it took me about four times the amount of the others. In the end I did manage to work out that I needed to put one of my paws on it to make it stay so I could pull the meat off. I am learning quickly and nearly always have a grin on my face. I can even get in the car now without being too frightened :-) Aunty says that we are going on holiday to Jersey Agility Festival in May and we are going to do lots of walking while Skye and Jack compete at agility. Can’t wait to go on holiday, Mummy says she will take lots of photos of me and Aunty will put them up on here so you can all see my progress.

Also on another note, Aunty says as I am getting more confident she is going to start some agility training with me very soon. I can’t wait :-)

Speak soon

Lots Love

Benji xx


Afternoon everyone. So my latest update. Wow I am loving life already! Aunty Holly walked through the door at lunch time for a WALKIES!!! yippee. I barked for her, bounced on my feet and whimpered. Lots of cuddles, rolled on my back and got LOADS of kissy’s :-) I was a bit of a naughty boy as I did a wee in the spare bedroom. Mummy won’t be happy, but I am learning. I went into the garden, did a proper one and got lots of praise from Aunty Holly. I bounced back in from the garden with the biggest grin on my face and had even more cuddles. We went for walkies and I behaved like a little angel. No scary moments, just lots of sniffing and exploring. Much fun. I is a happy boy!! WOL (woof out loud). Mummy has already told on me to Aunty, about sleeping on the bed with Mummy at night. BIG GRINS!

Speak later.

Lots Love Benji xx

benj1 benj 2 benj3


My foster mummy, Marianne, put me up for a new home on www.getsurrey.co.uk, and a lady called Holly found me. She tells me I have a lovely face and that’s why she came to see me.

TodayI came home to meet my new family. I am ever so scared but am coming out of my shell quickly. The lady who picked me up is called Holly and apparently I am going to live with her mummy.

I was picked up early and went and saw the horses.They were ever so big and frightening. Luckily enough I had a new friend called Jack Jack and he showed me the ropes. Lots of ladies came up and cuddled me and told me how cute I was. I loved the attention, but it was all quite a lot for me. I was a good boy and we went for a nice walk down to the field and I helped poo pick with the big horsey. Kimmi is her name. Not sure I want to go too close! She was very big, but seemed ok with me. Jack just circled her and seemed to enjoy nipping her legs, but I was a good boy and behaved.

We went to meet my new mummy, who took me to Pets at Home. What an experience! I got to meet rabbits and Guinea pigs and def loved the kitty food (apparently that’s not what I am eating. Chicken wings for dinner mummy says)!. I was bought lots of new toys and a lovely red leather collar. We went to my new home and met Mia the rabbit and Miss Moppet the guinea piggy, who seems to speak alot!!

I was so tired by this point so I curled up in my crate, with my new toys and went to snuz. Mummy said I could sleep with her so I took all my toys upstairs with me (just encase Mia steals them you know) and slept next to my new mummy. We went for a nice walk and i was a good boy. I think i might like it here!

Speak soon all

Love Benji xx (Pics up tomorrow)