Paws in the Park 21/09/2013

Paws in the Park

Please remember the following:

-          Black shirts/jumpers, I can’t get the shirts back in time

-          You MUST have your BFA card as you will not get into the show ground otherwise

-          You must also have yours/dogs BFA number to go in the ring, they will not let you race without it.

-          We are ring partying for DIV 4, just before our DIv, so please do not run off, we will be needed around 9/9.30 ish

-          Tally/Lesley (are you and James registered now?)

-          Delta/Jane (go under charlotte’s number)

-          Tassles/Lu

-          Fen/Ian

-          Jack/Emma

-          Harvey/Mary

-          Height measuring at 8am for those of you that need it. Please remember to take your height card.

-          Tally/Tassles you will need new ones (Lesley you should have Jack’s)

-          Please remember no running with dogs still attached to you

-          All four feet on ground

-          And get the dogs back asap. For those of you having trouble catching the dog ie JACK please take tuggies or another ball, whatever it takes as they will be distracted by the other team remember

-          I have a ground amp for you

-          I am camping over by the agility I believe so we can put stuff there if we need to and we will have the gazebo up, chairs etc.

-          Will be cold, please bring warm clothes and shoes (no moaning, yes I am prime culprit)

-          Remember usual, dogs on lead, clear up after them yada yada

-          Lots of tea and coffee J, and we have speakers

-          Michelle and I will be in ring to help you and to catch mutts. James is ball loading, but I will do the first round to get the dogs used to it