Dream Team Racing (25/08/2013)

Another fantastic day for all dogs concerned. Our main racing team consisted of Jack, Fen, Delta and Harvey and they did exceptionally well. There were some really good starter teams out on Sunday and everyone concerned rose to the challenge and there was some seriously high adrenaline moments. ┬áThe team came away with one of the fastest times of the day – 20.97, the fastest being 20.75 from a Div 3 team

Sunday was Ellie’s first day out and she was an absolute little star. Still a bit unsure but has come on so well from the first day we had her in the group. She will be joining us in the next team on the 28th Sept as well.



Training Posts


Another little post for you to all ponder over.

ETIQUETTE in the ring!!! We will be practicing this with full force in the next coming weeks, to get everyone out of the way while dogs are running.

I would also like to start pulling together a permanent race team and hopefully a second one too.

Thanks all


ps if you have any requests please feel free to blog





Don’t forget everyone that we have team trials on Friday and also we will be going to the pub afterwards :-)