Welcome to Shambles Flyball Club -

23rd  June – I am on holiday – back next week

16th July – Fun day at Painshill – Please confirm you make this asap


Please download the schedule for 2015/2016. This will give you the whole year’s time table, payment/venue/contact details. Flyball Diary V3 2015-2016 , Rules 2015 As we are so very lucky to have been allowed to use the parish land, I expect everyone to carry on being completely respectful to all neighbours and that you must clear up after your dogs without fail. I cannot stress this enough as a nursery also uses the land.

We are a new club that has been running approximately 2 years now and just recently started competing. We are also registered on the BFA Website and are competing under their umbrella. 307883_121759011269672_916389372_n
Many of the dogs that are with us have come from agility backgrounds. However, we do have a few that have never done any form of jumping before and have come on amazingly well.
The aim of the club is to be able to provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for the dogs and handlers. If you wish to just have fun then that’s absolutely fine, but if you do wish to compete then we are training towards competing, and so far we have done really well.  Also young or old handlers, or maybe even in the middle are welcome too. The kids have just as much fun :-)
It is not just geared towards collies, just take a look at our meet the members page and realise that any dog, small or large, slow or fast, is able to enjoy and take part.
Please drop me a line if you need any further info.
Blogs and events will be kept up to date to give you an idea of competition dates and venues.
Thanks All